16 October 2018

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Sumba Photography

Sumba Is a Photographers dream destination. Great light year round, vast expanses similar to the African savanna, wild horses and water buffalo pretty much everywhere.

On the cultural side I think even the well traveled photographer will be in for a surprise. Sumba is still in a time long passed elsewhere. Riders on horseback throwing spears at one another as a form of blood sacrifice is still practices certain times of the year.Its called Pasola and traditionally practiced as a symbolic means to fertilize the land.

Traditional architecture can still be seen outside of the towns, Tall roofed huts, built based on Marapu cosmology as well as some dramatic topography around the South and South Eastern coast line. White jaggered lime stone cliffs are simply stunning and are a window in to the past with many small fossils to be found within. Care needs to be taken around these cliffs as many are crumbling and a well places falling chunk of rock could easily kill.

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