17 September 2018

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Scuba Diving Sumba

Scuba dive at Sumba Adventure Resort, we offer scuba diving with shore entry as well as boat dives. Leaving the lagoon directly in front of the resort, we motor out to offshore reefs that extend approximately 3km in length and a few 100m wide. The diving depth starts at 10m and drops down to 25m. We try stick to a max of 20m and avoid any decompression times.

As this is a very remote location we only accept experienced divers. We can also offer some fun dives within the lagoon at max 10m this is a safe area. Please contact us well in advance to check for SCUBA availability. We supply Tanks and have most equipment for rent but quantity and sizes are limited. SAR takes no responsibility for your well-being during dives, we simply offer the option to rent equipment and company us on dives.

Scuba Diving Sumba Island