Surf Spot “Bread and Butter”

Surfing in East Sumba offers many different spots in a small area. East Sumba surf spots are pretty much all squeezed in to the area between Kaliuda and Black wood Point. They are all relatively easily accessed from shore but having a boat helps alot and saves alot of time.

Directly infront of the Sumba Adventure Resort you will find 4 of the Right hand set ups. Starting with at the top of the Reef we have B&B LinkLink. B&B handels up to about 8f before it starts running away. Between 3-8 foot the take off area heaves and throws a mighty barrel section for those who position and time correctly. The wave then turns in to a bashable point like wave that carries on till the legs start to cramp. On bigger days or on a more south swell B&B will run in to “Dog Leg”. On Smaller days it runs in to clear warm lagoon. Its a relatively easy paddle back out but can be tiring depending on how long your ride was.

B&B is suited for beginners up to 3f. From 3-5f is advanced to good surfers and 6-8f for the bigger bells.

Showing B&B at 5F

East Sumba Surf Spots